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The SEAGULL Programme

SEAGULL is an exclusive leadership development programme by the Institute for Societal Leadership.

Southeast Asia needs a new generation who understands that leadership is not a political office or the highest echelons of the business world. Leadership thrives in the hearts and minds of the purposeful. The class of 2017 has now joined the outstanding SEAGULL network.

Under Immersion 1 of this programme, they will gain valuable insights on trisector collaboration and see first-hand how change happens when social impact organisations work with partners from diverse sectors, including corporate and government.  



Hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills as you learn Design Thinking and consultancy problem-solving frameworks to help you become more effective in tackling complex societal issues and challenges.

Gain access to exclusive opportunities to interact with inspiring leaders from various sectors who will challenge your perspectives and expand your minds to new paradigms of thinking about society. These insights will help you understand and shape your role in creating responsible, sustainable and meaningful change.

Engage directly with social impact organisations to understand their mandate, challenges and decisions made. This will widen your perspectives and give you a better grasp of the most pressing issues facing Southeast Asia.

Build friendships with your peers from other Southeast Asian countries and leverage on one another’s passions and skill sets to address issues facing the region. Recognise your differences, learn about your similarities and develop bonds that make you part of the unique SEAGULL network – a hallmark of ISL’s SEAGULL programme.


About the SEAGULL Experience


Last updated on 27 Jul 2018 .