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Research Focus

Advancing Our Understanding of Helping Others Do Good Better

ISL aims to advance our understanding of helping others do good better by engaging in applied research that revolves around four main themes:
  1. Understanding the contextual antecedents of societal leadership. This research theme focuses on understanding how a societal leader comes to being, i.e. why and how does he/she want to do good and contribute to society?
  2. Studying the roles and organisational models of social impact organisations. How do social impact organisations influence the development and maintenance of societal leadership? This research theme focuses on:
    • understanding the nature of the various types of social impact organisations;
    • the challenges and opportunities encountered;
    • the types of support social impact organisations provide in developing and supporting leaders.
  3. Investigating the future trends of leadership and management. This research theme seeks to:
    • understand the challenges and opportunities that future leaders would likely encounter;
    • strategies and innovative practices that can be employed to mitigate challenges such as rethinking their business model, managing innovation, attracting talent, etc..
  4. Examining mindfulness, emotional regulation and wellbeing issues of societal leaders. How do these impact on the performance and sustainability of societal leadership? This research theme seeks to:
    • understand the emotional and psychological aspects of societal leaders;
    • provide insights on how societal leaders regulate emotions and cultivate wellbeing and mindfulness.

Last updated on 26 Sep 2016 .