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Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - The 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia

Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono served as Indonesia’s sixth President from 2004 to 2014, and was the first President to be elected through a direct election. The United Nations has described Dr Yudhoyono as a leader who has assumed a number of self-transformations – from student to soldier, soldier to reformist general, four-star general to cabinet minister, minister to politician, and politician to President.

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Emil Salim - Former Indonesian Communications Minister

Emil Salim was part of the famed Berkeley Mafia who brought Indonesia out of its economic crisis in the mid-1960s. He later went on to become Minister of Environment in President Suharto's cabinet. He speaks to DNA about how he overcame obstacles in his career, even when he did have subject knowledge, and what it was like working with President Suharto.

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Kartini Muljadi - Founder, Kartini Muljadi & Renkan

One of the first female judges in Indonesia, Kartini Muljadi is the founder of law firm Kartini Muljadi & Renkan. She shares with DNA how she built her business empire with pharmaceutical firm Tempo Scan and other companies, as well as her determination to stay corruption-free in an environment where corruption was rampant.

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Mochtar Riady - Founder and Chairman, Lippo Group

Founder and Chairman of Lippo Group, Mochtar Riady gained the moniker "Magic Man of Banking" because of his ability to turn around and grow several of Indonesia's private banks, the most notable being Bank Central Asia (BCA). But his 15 years in BCA wasn't all smooth sailing. He speaks to DNA about his challenges in BCA, which saw him dealing with sensitive relationships with the Suharto government, as well as the firing of his own son for Forex speculation.

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Goenawan Mohamad - Founder, Tempo Magazine

Goenawan Mohamad is the founder of Indonesia's Tempo magazine and a leading voice of democracy in the country. As founding editor, Mr Goenawan had to make the tough call of whether to continue Tempo's critical reporting of the government and face a ban, or toe the line to ensure survival. DNA talks to him about how he came to his decision and stuck to his principles, as well as his take on the many Indonesian leaders he has observed.

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