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SEAGULL 2017 has taken off! The emerging leaders from all over Southeast Asia have embarked on their seven-month journey to discover what it takes to be societal leaders. 


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Societal Leadership Summit 2016

Change ​makers from the region gathered to ​explore ​the ​sustainability ​issues ​faced ​by ​social ​impact ​organisations ​- ​leadership ​burnout, ​talent ​retention ​and ​finances ​- ​because ​societal ​leaders ​know ​that ​lasting ​changes ​do ​not ​happen ​overnight. Check out the summit highlights below.

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Digital Narratives of Asia

Watch interviews with societal leaders who have shaped or contributed to Asia's collective history. Get insights on how leadership is practiced from the personal accounts of top leaders in Asia.

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Catalyst Asia is a content platform that is owned and managed by the Institute for Societal Leadership at the Singapore Management University.

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Last updated on 16 Jan 2017 .